Ooph! Surgery!

Apr 01, 2018

More surgery and a Funeral

The type of Breast Cancer that I have feeds off oestrogen (er+). A woman mainly produces it in their ovaries, but both men and women also produce it in their adrenal glands and in fat tissue. In order to suppress the production of oestrogen, to stop it being used by cancer cells to grow, my treatment included taking daily tablets, and monthly implants/injections. Not a huge part of my treatment put still something on the list.

When I finished treatment for my primary cancer in January 2015, a scan revealed that I had a cyst on my right ovary, and after much discussion, it was decided that given my history, I should have both the cyst and ovary removed. This happened in May 2015.

When I was diagnosed with secondary cancer, I was keen to have the other ovary removed to eliminate the monthly implants/injections. A procedure called an Oophorectomy. My oncologist agreed, but he wanted me to have 2 stable scans under my belt before I went in for surgery. After waiting for those scans, I was given the date of 26th March for the surgery which was Ross and my wedding anniversary.

Unfortunately two weeks before the surgery, my Gran, Irene, died. She was 88, and living in a care home, so it was not unexpected, despite this, it was a sad occasion. I was close to my Gran growing up and I have a lot of fond and funny memories of her.


The funeral was organised to be on the Thursday after my surgery on the Monday. With this in mind, I was keen to leave hospital on the day of surgery as it had gone to plan. Unfortunately, my surgeon disagreed, due to a high pulse, low blood pressure, and being sick. Meh!

The next morning, my Dad and Julie came in to visit to let me know they were heading home after spending a couple of days with us to look after the kids, whilst Ross looked after me. They took Imy with them as she’d started her school holidays a week earlier than Felix, to help them out with little things before the funeral.

Later that morning, I was discharged and given express instructions that I needed to take the painkillers and rest for a couple of days. On Wednesday afternoon, once Felix had taken his Grade 1 guitar exam (which he passed with merit), we headed up to my Dad’s in Newcastle, where we were going to stay for the funeral and a week afterwards.

Thankfully, the surgery, the drive, the funeral, the wake, and our little holiday up there, all went to plan and I was able to recuperate, whilst Ross and the kids were able to have some down time and enjoy some fun activities, including ice skating.

I will miss my Gran very much, but as she was the one to say, I’ll keep on, keeping on.