Jan 25, 2019

Milestones Of Breast Cancer

Since the last update, there’s nothing major to report.

I’ve had another flare up of my jaw, but it was swiftly sorted with painkillers and antibiotics. Thankfully I am am now under the Oral Surgery team at my local hospital, so if it flares up again, I can get straight to the doctors who know about my condition.

I’ve been discharged from the respiratory clinic who were looking after me after my Sleep Apnoea diagnosis. They are happy that the CPAP machine is doing it’s job, so I just need to check in regularly with the Sleep Clinic to make sure all stays well.

We’ve also been on holiday, had Christmas with family, New Year with friends, and lots of family stuff in between.

I think that brings us up to date nicely.


The month of January brings with it some significant milestones in my life after my Primary Cancer diagnosis:

  • The first was in 2015 when I was told I was in remission. Yay!
  • The second was in 2016 when the Cancer returned to my spine. Boo!
  • And now we have a third. Yesterday I was told I have two new tumours on my spine. One at the top in my cervical spine, and the other at the bottom, in my sacrum. Double Boo!

I’d thought the lower back pain I’d been having was to do with me bending down more to interact with our new puppy, Willow. She’s really Ross’s dog to keep him company as he works from home in the outside office and also get him more active during the day. But obviously she gets attention from us all.

Willow is 3 months old and has completely changed the dynamic in the house. She’s gorgeous, funny and clever. (And a tinker, mischievous, and full of beans!)


She even has her own Instagram account: @willow_the_apricot-labradoodle .

So, back to me.

My oncologist is keen for me to have Cyberknife on the two new tumours. This needs to be approved by the powers that be. Hopefully, that will be straightforward, and the treatment can happen quite quickly. I’m hoping that it’ll all be done and dusted by the time we get to February half term, so we can go on holiday and celebrate my birthday. If it doesn’t get approved, I’m not sure what the next option would be, but lets keep our fingers crossed for Cyberknife.

For now, I’ll keep on keeping on. Business as usual.


As a side point, I’d like to thank all of the reader’s of my blog. To all the people I know and to those I don’t. This is just a journal of a normal woman going through something tough, health wise, whilst trying to maintain as much normality for me and my family as I possibly can. I know I don’t update it very often, but there are sometimes extra bits on the Big Lump and the Lawley’s Facebook page. I do what I can. Writing the blog and updates are a cathartic process for me, and, I hope, an informative one for you. xx