Good to be home

Mar 23, 2014

We're back, and the washing machine is earning it's keep!

My overwhelming memory from the holiday is the feeling of pride I have for my little family.

Imogen - determined. She scrambled up the indoor climbing wall easily, and was quickly tackling harder routes. The Cyclone ride in the pool posed no issue. Ross and I were screaming but Imogen just grinned and laughed. Her swimming in the pool was effortless, and she went down all the slides too many times to count. When bowling she refused any offers of help, and she managed to beat me every time. With the adventure golf too, she refused help, and tried her best. The pottery painting was her idea, and she produced a colourful dragon money box.

Felix - strong. He has only really got to grips with riding his bike in the past few months, but he had plenty opportunities to practice. And he was amazing. He cycled everywhere, and when he couldn’t ring his bell to signal he was ok, he’d shout “It’s on the other side.” It took Ross and I a while to work out why he was shouting this, but it turns out it was because his bell had turned itself round so it was on the other side of the handlebars. His swimming was great in the pool. It would have been a very different holiday had he not been able to swim. But swim he did. Most of the time he was out of his depth, and he was able to go down all the slides on his own apart from the Cyclone because he was just too short.

Ross - hero. I’m not quite back up to full energy, so the full itinerary of activities meant there wasn’t much leftover for the normal day to day stuff. But Ross took up all the slack. He did the cooking and organising and took the kids off by himself so I could rest when necessary. He is amazing, and I’m lucky to have him.

In short, they all rock, and I love them all very much.