Rads and Camping

Jun 25, 2014

Last Friday I completed 15 daily sessions of Radiotherapy, and then went camping for the weekend.

The actual treatment itself wasn’t too bad, especially once I got on top of the whole breath holding technique. The tediousness came from having to tip off down to Elstree everyday. A boring journey in the back of a taxi. I did see quite a lot of Red Kites, buzzards and kestrals though, which helped pass the time somewhat.

The side effects will continue for another 2 weeks when they peak, and then I should start to get some energy back. It’s nowhere near as draining as chemo but still leaves me quite tired and unable to do as much as I want to.

I’m so glad that it’s over now, I feel like it’s the end of another leg in this epic cancer journey we are on. In December/January, I’ll finish the 18 Herceptin treatments that I have every 3 weeks, and that’ll be the end of active treatment. That’s over a year after diagnosis.

Despite being absolutely shattered after Friday’s treatment, I decided I was well enough to go camping. I didn’t have to do much, Ross put the tent up with a bit of anti-help from the kids, and I entertained Joni, Greg and Rachel’s gorgeous smiley baby. I then stayed around the camp and enjoyed some really good Gin Club company. There’s a few changes that have to be made though, for next time. I’ve realised I can’t sleep on our lovely space saving camping mattress. I’m going to have to revert to the old faithful airbed. I’m also going to have to have a proper pillow. The scars and the swelling from the surgery make it just too uncomfortable so I need some extra padding. But the next camping trip can’t come soon enough. I really enjoyed it.

In other news, Felix has lost his first two teeth! We also got to test the Tooth Fairy, and she does indeed visit campsites. My boy is growing up so fast. I’ve just realised that I haven’t mentioned on the blog that he turned 6 at the end of May. He had a fabulous birthday and really enjoyed having some friends come round and basically run riot for 2 hours. Five boys were collected by their parents sweaty and happy…Good times!

Imogen has got her birthday next week. She is looking forward to going bowling with her friends followed by a McDonalds.

Ross and I have got some new bikes so we can go out with the bairns when they are on theirs. We’ve realised that Imogen needs a new bike so Felix can have hers. Felix really needs a bike with gears. They are enjoying having some days where they cycle to and from school and as a side plus point, it’s improving my stamina.

And so it continues…keeping on, keeping on. Trying to keep things normal as best we can and I think we are doing ok.