The chemo starts

Nov 20, 2013

I managed another hour of sleep before I needed to get up and get ready to leave for the hospital.

Luckily, granny and grandad were on hand to get the bairns organised and to breakfast club.

There had been an accident on the A1, so the trusty sat nav sent us different way to the hospital. We get stuck in a bit of traffic around Hitchin, which makes us nervous, but we arrive in time and are soon settled into our room.

The nurses are very efficient and before long I’m hooked up to a drip, being pumped with saline, anti sickness drugs, and then the main feature, the chemo drugs. Note to self, go to the loo before being hooked up to the machine. It’s a Faff otherwise. A few hours later, I’m detached, and sent on my way.

On our way home we pop to Argos and pick up a few Christmas presents. It’s good to feel like we’re doing something positive for Christmas. The timing of the treatments suck, but needs must.

At home, we have lunch and then I try for a nap to catch up on some sleep. I manage about 45 mins but then the bairns come in from school and want to check I’m ok after my treatment. I’ve still got a line attached to my port as I’m back to the hospital tomorrow to start my Herceptin treatment, so they were interested in having a look at it. I’m looking forward to having it taken out tomorrow and also the steri strips removed and dressing changed so that I can have a proper shower and bath.

I’ll be having an early night tonight and trying to actually sleep through most of it. Last night was no fun.