Wookiee no more

Dec 16, 2013

A quiet week really, work and life are cracking on well.

Someone posted a question on an internet forum that showed a bug with my code. It took me two days to fix it and I saw broken behaviour of the language I program in, anyways it was a good puzzle and got my grey matter (and google skills) working at full pace to fix it. My job really is all about solving puzzles and thats why I love it so much!

Wednesday night, Julia was restless and fearful because the Chemotherapy was due to start again and this time it’s weekly. So it took a time to fall asleep but this was all confounded by waking up at 2:30am and Julia hearing voices. Strange. We checked the window and there was no one nattering in the street, the voices were coming from downstairs! Noisy buglars? No the TV was on - we’d turned it off before going to bed, so that was very bizarre. We check all the doors, all locked. We can’t sleep so we watch an episode of Hebburn before trying to sleep.

Thursday is chemo day and it goes smoothly. Julia is given 4 pre meds and the piriton knocks her out, so she sleeps through most of it. I spend my time working and a few hours later we head on home.

Two Baldies

Saturday morning I take Imogen out for a run again. She’s great and we do sprints. Imogen decides tag is a better way to do sprints and it makes the run good fun. At one point I tag Imogen turn sharply and then go flying. My foot had found a rabbit hole, luckily I didn’t twist anything but I did fall onto some very sharp branches and cut my leg up a bit. Imogen found it all very amusing and tagged me back!

In the week we get an email from Little Ruggers, seems they are no longer challenging Felix so Saturdays class will be his last. On Saturday morning we all head out and watch. He comes out beaming at the end with a certificate and medal. He’s a bit nervous about going to the Rugby club but I know once he gets used to it he’ll love it.

Julia’s hair looks really thin and patchy now. For the first time she really looks like that she is a chemotherapy patient. She finds this hard, we knew her hair would most likely fall out and she had prepared for that. However, its no quick process, it’s bit by bit and that makes it all the more traumatic. I think if it was an overnight process it would be easier to handle but its not that way. By Sunday afternoon Julia has had enough and we get the clippers out. She cries, it’s a shock and she briefly mourns her hair before accepting its fate. Imogen looked shocked and hugs mummy and Felix didn’t know how to react and giggled then asked if mummy could put a wig on.

Two Baldies