What Half Term?

Jun 01, 2016

This half term is busy...

…really busy. It started with an inset day on Friday, but rather than be able to put it to good use and have a nice day out in the sunshine, we had to go to the hospital to get a CT scan.

The Thursday evening before the inset day, I went to see The Sons of Pitches in Bury St Edmunds, just over an hours drive away. Tash had bought me the ticket and had said that I didn’t need to decide whether I wanted to go or not, until the day came. She knew someone else in the choir would jump at the chance to take my place.

I’m so pleased I went!

It was amazing, they are so talented. The way they use there voices is incredible. It felt like there was a band there, but it was just the 6 of them. We had really good seats which were right over the stage. It was quite an insightful position! I got a picture with Joe after, and got a CD signed by Mide, and we got a group of with the ladies from the choir with him too. I also got a T-shirt, poster, and two CD’s.

Son Joe

As I sat there enjoying the music, I realised that I have never been to a music gig before. I’ve performed with various music groups either singing or playing some type of musical instrument where people have paid to see it, mostly in the North East of England. However I have performed in the Royal Festival Hall (I think, or it might have been the Queen Elizabeth Hall next door, but either way it was on the South Bank of London.) and in a beautiful church in Bergen, Norway. The groups also played in schools in London and Bergen. (I’ve just realised that I have been to a few Classical concerts, including the BBC Proms, and a couple of Picnic in the Park’s on Hampstead Heath. What a nerd.) It got me thinking. I need to do a bucket list. Not a grand, bungee jumping or potholing list, but watching a ballet at the Royal Opera House. Punting on the Cam. Have a spa day with my friends, a boating holiday. Little things, but things I haven’t done before. Things that I should do. Things I think I should do sooner rather than later. Oh, and make a Will.

Back to Friday…

Michelle offered to have the bairns, on Friday morning, which was really appreciated as she’d only just moved into her new house. I’d gone to bed late, and had to get up early so I could eat something as I had a 4 hour fast before the CT scan. I’ve had lots of scans, but this one I’ll remember for a while as the two tubes which connected my port to the saline and contrast solution weren’t tightened enough and came undone covering my hair me in rather sticky fluid. So that was pleasant. They also threw in a doppler ultrasound of my legs to see if there was a clot anywhere. There wasn’t.

So the rest of the half term is taken up with:
Tuesday - Appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon who will perform the surgery.
Wednesday - The 3 weekly Herceptin and Zometa infusion
Thursday - My Counseling session, and my Dad coming down (yay!)
Friday - Admitted into hospital
Saturday - Surgery
Sunday - Recovering from Surgery
Monday - I’m still in hospital, the bairns go back to school.

So I don’t feel we really get a half term. I feel so bad for the kids. It’s all full of stupid medical stuff. This was the week we were going to go abroad on holiday. Somewhere with a pool, somewhere reasonably hot. To get away from it all, have fun as a family. But we can’t, because the stupid cancer got in the way. I hate it. I hate the way we have to change our plans to make room for it. I hate it that form now on, I’m going to struggle to get travel insurance. Get stuffed Cancer. I want you out of my life. I want it to be how it was before.