Feb 17, 2015

Just a quick update after seeing the specialist yesterday.

I’ve had blood taken so it can be tested for the markers I mentioned in my last post. These results, together with my scans, will be taken to a Multi-disciplinary (surgical/oncology) meeting on Wednesday and they’ll decide what path to take and let me know within a few days.

The specialist said that if I hadn’t had the crazy events of the past year and without the weird genetic mutation, (CHEK2), thrown into the mix, they would regard it as nothing to worry about and whip the cyst out. However, they need to take a cautious approach.

It seems that whatever else happens, surgery to remove the cyst is inevitable. The specialist said if it was less than 5cm, it would probably go away by itself, but because it’s bigger, it’s unlikely.

And so we wait. Again.