Turning 40

Mar 07, 2017

I made it!!!

There’s the “Life begins at 40” Crew, and then there’s the “Forty is over the hill” Party. I’m just delighted to have made it into another decade of my life.

Plus, I’ve had such a lovely birthday, and it hasn’t just been limited to one day.

In the run up to the Big Day, we went up to the North East to visit my family. My brother Max couldn’t join us as he’s a teacher in Manchester and our half term’s didn’t match up. However, Grandma Julie organised the rest of the family so that we had a meal out complete with birthday cake and fizz with her and my Dad, my two other brothers, Callum and Regan, and their families. It was a very nice evening, and I was spoilt with very lovely and generous gifts.

I also managed to meet up with Karen and Alison who I’ve known since we met at 6th Form College and did a fair amount of underaged drinking together. With five kids between us now, we had a more sober celebration, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. It’s funny how no matter how much time passes between the times we get together, it’s like we met last week. It’s just nice to meet up and know we’ll have a laugh. I left with a massive 40 balloon, a full stomach and sore cheeks from laughing.

18th February 2017

After a few days up there, we were back home so I could wake up in my own bed on my birthday itself. Ross and the kids made me an amazing breakfast of American pancakes with fruit, maple syrup and cream. Delicious.

I was then presented with an huge pile of gifts. I was absolutely stunned. Ross had been squirreling away parcels and cards that had been arriving whilst I’d been in the house, none the wiser.

In the afternoon, friends dropped in for a cuppa and a slice of cake. It was a bit of an open house, so people could come and go, and so I didn’t feel so overwhelmed. There was a steady stream of people and a lot of cake was consumed. This has lead Felix to tell people that he has had cake every day for a week. That’s not a bad thing for an eight year old boy.

I couldn’t help draw comparisons between this year and last year when I had to be signed out of the Hospice so that Ross and I could go out for an evening meal and I didn’t make it to dessert before I was asking to go back. This year, we booked a taxi and went somewhere a bit special and had the most expensive meal we have ever had in our life together. We splashed out on a bottle of Champagne. It was magnificent!! And I felt very lucky not only to be there enjoying it, but having Ross there with me to share it with me. He’s been amazing and deserves it just as much as me.

The days after were spent recovering as I’m still suffering from fatigue which means I have to plan when I can do things and when I need to take a nap and generally try not to overdo it. I can mostly do what I want to, but it has to be planned with military precision.

On the medical side of things, I have had my 4 weekly Zoladex injection and also had to catch up on Herceptin and Zometa treatments which had been delayed for a week so that I could go away at half term.
I have had a heart scan, which I have to have every 3 months to check the Herceptin isn’t damaging it, which can happen, but in my case it isn’t. The cardiologist thinks that if I was going to have any heart damage, it would have happened by now, so I’m pleased about that.
My regular blood tests have showed that my platelets are a bit on the low side of normal, so I’m not clotting particularly well after I’m pricked with needles. This has lead to a few bloody incidents, and also large bruises. Fun fun fun!!!

Max came down for a flying visit, which was fantastic although it was too short. I’m now looking forward to a few more events that we’ve got planned. Everything, right now, is ok.

All in all, I’m enjoying being 40. So far, so good!!


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