The next day

Oct 24, 2013

Today has passed in a bit of a blur.

Today has passed in a bit of a blur.

I woke up at 4am, and got up an hour later to send some work emails and put something live. Funny what you think is important…

I’d inadvertently woken Ross up so we chatted eventually falling asleep not long before the children woke up.

We got them into bed with us, and read them a book called Mummy’s Lump. It was a very high level book which discussed a bad lump, cutting it out, and strong medicine which would make my hair fall out. They asked some questions, felt Big Lump, and what the operation would mean. We told them my boob would be cut off. Imogen was a bit upset, but Felix didn’t really understand.

Of course this made us a bit late for school. Not by much but Felix wasn’t impressed. We went to see Mrs Summerhayes as she would be able to ensure that things were put in place to ensure Imogen and Felix were given additional support as and when required.

The rest of the day has involved a trip to the doctors to get things signed, a trip to the supermarket, a walk round Radwell Meadows, an awkward conversation with my mother, ( who’s immediate reaction was to light a cigarette), a light lunch, and a nap.

I also told the Gin Club. As expected the offers of help were overwhelming and also humbling. They are a great group of friends, and were lucky to have them.

I had some beautiful flowers arrive from Dad and Julie with a card saying they were thinking if us. A conversation with my Dad followed, which was less emotionally fraught than yesterday’s.

Ross is flying solo at parents evening. I can’t face it to be honest. First parents evening I’ve missed. But it needs to be focused on the kids. I’m too much of a zombie and too leaky to make myself anything other than a nuisance right now.

Ross has been great and continues to be my rock, and to help me use our sense of humour to get us through.