The 'C' Word

May 25, 2016

And I don't mean the book...

…written by Lisa Lynch. Not because I found it difficult or to close to home, but because I borrowed it from the library and had to give it back when I tried to renew it, as someone else wanted it. (humph). I had to buy it in the end, but I haven’t managed to pick up where I left off, as I’m reading another book. Slowly. Very S L O W L Y. I used to be able to read books very quickly. I don’t know why, but I’ve been finding it hard going. I’m still trying to finish ‘The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August’ which I started last October, when I was recovering from my Reconstruction. It’s very good, and I’d tell you who it was by, but I can’t be bothered to walk up stairs and find out. You’ll have to look it up for yourselves.

Anyway, whilst I’ve been writing this blog, I am very inconsistent with the case (Grammar, yawn) of the ‘c’ in Cancer. Should it be a lower case ‘c’, or an upper case ‘C’? If you know, can you put it in the comments section belong, so if I do get an answer from someone who knows, I’ll try (ha!) to be more consistent in future. I promise.

Thank you


p.s. I probably do know, but it’s been filed away in the deep, dark depths of my brain under - “Not Relevant at Present.” Cancer has a habit of slowly taking over your brain. To be clear, I’m not talking literally, more metaphorically. At present, I do not have cancer in my brain.