The Pain!

Jan 25, 2016

Things are starting to get harder for me.

I’m finding it harder to walk any great distance. School runs are out. I can’t drive due to the meds and keeping comfortable for any length of time is a challenge.

On Saturday night, I’d woken up as usual at 5am in discomfort. By the time I’d been to the loo, things had reached a peak and I was crying and screaming in pain. It took 10 minutes to get the level 10 pain down to a still very Hurty 8 pain. Unfortunately I’d woken Imy up and she got rather distressed with the situation.

Ross took the kids to rugby to allow them some normality, and Charli came round to keep me company and make sure the pain remained under control. It was very much appreciated and kept me occupied enough to get through the morning.

When Ross came back, he went to Tesco for some supplies. These included a shower chair, a coccyx cushion, a wall handle for the bathroom and a walking stick. This has really upset me as walking sticks are for old people. I’m only 38.

I managed to get some much needed relief by lying on the floor in the front room. Obviously it’s a bit of a pain for the rest of the family, but they’ll have to get used to it. Imy has asked if it’s likely that I’ll wake up crying in the night again. I hope not. It’s not pleasant.