Swear It Again

Nov 12, 2013

I have an eclectic taste in music which ranges from the Eagles and Tom Petty, through Nina Simone, Duran Duran, Nickleback, to Bastille and Jake Bug.

I also quite like Westlife, which I realise makes me a sad human being, but I don’t actually care. They had a hit with a song called “Swear it Again”. Well I’ve been swearing again, and again and again.

We’ve been to the hospital today to get the results of my Lymph Node Biopsy. It’s not the result we wanted. The surgeon took out 3 initial nodes, and decided to take out 5 more whilst he was there. Two of the initial three turned out to be cancerous. The other five were clear.

So now we know what the next step is. I see a Oncologist tomorrow to discuss the best way to get the chemotherapy started.

I’ll return to the surgeon in March for the mastectomy and further lymph node surgery. Then it’ll be the Herceptin treatment, maybe radiotherapy, and after that it’ll be the reconstruction.

So, I’m swearing…alot. It wasn’t supposed to have spread. It wasn’t supposed to be me, and I’m really, really angry.