Side Effects

Dec 01, 2013

It's been 5 and a half weeks since my diagnosis with Stage 2 breast cancer. It's been quite an eventful time. Our support network has been fantastic and we really do know who we can rely on in a crisis.

It’s been 5 and a half weeks since I started to take Tamoxifen which blocks the hormone receptors in the tumours to stop them growing, and a week and a half since I started my chemo and Herceptin to kill and shrink the cancer.

Unfortunately, there’s been some side effects. Not the the chest pains that took us to A&E, and the fatigue which I was expecting, but headaches, nausea, sore mouth and the most annoying, night sweats. I don’t have a temperature, but I wake in the night drenched. A few minutes later, I cool down, fall back to sleep, pull the covers back up, and shortly after, I’m over heating again, in a cruel vicious circle. Of course this is affecting my sleep, and I’m having crazy dreams. Last night’s involved making a Mary Berry, Great British Bake Off Christmas Yule Log which I saw her make on the tv yesterday. Felix expressed an interest in it, and I told him we’d try and make it. So my dream involved buying the ingredients, and equipment.

Another side effect is I’m off alcohol. We went to a friends birthday party yesterday, and all I could manage was two glasses of sparkley. This is almost unheard of. Still, it’ll mean the Christmas wine will go further…

At midday, my brother Regan, his wife Lorna, and Elsie and Oscar arrived. It was great to see them, and they were a delight. Again, I am reminded how wonderful my family is. We went to the Orange Tree for a magnificent pub lunch (best in a Baldock in my opinion), and I managed a couple of halves of Buntingford Silent Night ale. Lovely.

When we got back, Regan helped Ross get some lights up in the tree in the front garden. It’s very festive. Not sure what the neighbours think though, we seem to be the first in the street to put any lights up indoor or outdoor! Oh well, start as we mean to go on.

I was sad when it was time for them to leave, but I’m so glad they came. I’m very tired now, do it’ll be bath and bed for me.