Jan 21, 2015

Is that a word?

Let me assure you, that it is indeed a word, and one that is used to describe the period in the run up a scan, and until you get the results of said scan.

Last week, I saw the cardiologist who did an echocardiogram and was able to give me the results straight away, thus minimising my scanxiety. All is fine with my heart, and any chest pains that I’m experiencing are not due to my heart not functioning properly. In fact it’s in tip top condition. The Herceptin hasn’t caused me any problems in that respect. Jolly good!

Yesterday, Ross and I once again found ourselves at the Spire in Harpenden for yet another scan and to see the breast surgeon for a six monthly review. The purpose of the scan was to ensure that the treatment has been successful, to give the plastic surgeon an idea of what he has to work with for my reconstruction and to check there’s nothing sinister going on with my every increasing hip pain.

The breast surgeon and the radiographer had a quick look at my scan and were able to deduce that there is no secondary cancer lurking in my liver, lungs and, crucially, my bones. This means that whatever is causing my hip pain, it’s not bone mets.

The breast surgeon suggested that any chest pains I have been having were due to muscle pain in the scar tissue and radiotherapy site. Again, nothing to worry about.

I now have to wait for my Oncologist to review the scans and decide what to do about the pain. I’m currently taking Tramadol which is a fairly hefty painkiller, which can leave me feeling a bit light headed and woosey. I don’t really want to be taking it long term.

Fingers crossed I can get to see the Oncologist soon so we can come up with a plan. One thing that was mentioned by the Oncologist and the breast surgeon, is that my port can be taken out at the same time as my reconstruction, which means one less surgical procedure to worry about.