Railway Children

Sep 26, 2016

On Saturday, Felix and I had an Adventure!

Saturday was a very exciting day for Felix and I. Ellie’s Friends, a charity we have been a grateful recipient for in the past (with a Hotel Chocolat voucher), had given me two complimentary front row seats to see The Railway Children in London! London!

I was slightly anxious about getting the train with just myself and The Boy, but it was fine. We got into Kings Cross and set about looking for somewhere to grab a quick bite to eat. We weren’t fussy. Felix had downloaded Pokemon Go! onto my phone when we were waiting at Baldock Station, so he was more interested in catching Pokemon than eating. A quick scout round found us an M&S and we each got a sarnie (£5 for a Meal Deal? Really? Is that just station prices, or is that how much they actually cost!), and some Percy Pigs for the show. It was a nice, sunny day, so we plonked ourselves down on a bench and ate our lunch. Kings Cross has certainly changed since we moved to Baldock and began commuting into work in London. Back then, you wouldn’t want to stay for any length of time. Now it’s clean, open and more appealing! You still get the Wierdies. I noticed one particular Lady Wierdy who was approaching other ladies asking for something. Thankfully she didn’t approach me, so we ate our lunch in peace, before making our way to the theatre.

The theatre is actually a temporary structure built over the railway tracks and will eventually become the Google offices. It’s very clever.

The bar area is set up to look like a turn of the century ticket office, with period luggage. Even better, they had Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade and Ginger Beer. Felix was very impressed that we could order drinks at the bar and collect them at the interval without having to queue at the bar. It was just as well as there were several packs of Brownies there.

Once we were sitting down in our seats, the cast of the play came out to interact with the audience. Caroline Harker spoke to Felix and asked him if he’d seen the film or knew the story. When he said “no” she was very nice and said she thought he would enjoy the play. She was right. It was fantastic. We had a great time. We munched our way through the Percy Pigs we’d bought and enjoyed the superb adaptation of the book.

Once the play was over, we headed back to Kings Cross to head home, but not before making some purchases from Paperchase and Hotel Chocolat.

We arrived home exhausted, but I was so pleased I got to spend some one to one time with Felix. That doesn’t happen often. In fact I haven’t spent much time with just Imy recently. We’ll have to change that! And soon!


The Railway Children Trip to London