Race for Life

Jul 15, 2014

After months of planning, Sunday finally came around and it was Race Day!

Sixteen ladies and twelve children ran or walked the 5km course round Stevenage Fairlands Valley Park as part of The Gin Club Team. When I was diagnosed in October last year, it was one of the first things I asked the Breast Care Nurse. She wasn’t very committal, and said it depend where I was in my treatment. If I’d have had the planned FEC chemo in May/June, there was very little chance that I would have been able to participate, or if I did it was may have been in a wheelchair. As it happened the Paclitaxel chemotherapy and the biological treatment Herceptin worked so well that there was no need for the extra chemo, and I was delighted to be able to take part. This year it was personal.

Post Race picture

I knew I wouldn’t be able to run it, my energy levels are still massively diminished, but Imogen and Felix were keen to do so. Luckily, Catherine agreed to Felix running with her and James, and Michelle had Imogen running with her and Katy. They both did so well and I am so proud of them.

As we were walking around, we decided that we’d all do it again next year, and more of us would run. We also may get customised t-shirts!

The support was fantastic, not least my Dad, the Gin Club Dad’s and Matthew, Sarah, Eddie and Betty who had travelled up from Kent to cheer us on.

The day was very emotional, especially when all the runners waited near the finish line so that they could all cross it with me. I cried. A lot.

We couldn’t have been luckier with the weather either, and it only started raining once we’d all finished and were heading back to the cars.


The Post Race celebrations took place at The Orange Tree in Baldock. A BBQ was organised and thanks to Landlord Rob, we raised another £200, bringing our total amount to £2,355.00. An amazing amount of money for Cancer Research to do something truly magnificent, (I think there’s more to come too!). I am proud and humbled to know that my friends did this for me.

The treatment train still continues and today I am off to get another dose of Herceptin. Ross will be with me, keeping me company, as is the norm.

Thank you to all who have donated and supported us throughout this whole thing.