Monday was a good day.

Feb 01, 2016

Monday was a Greek Day!

Imy’s school year were taking part in an Ancient Greek Day, so she had to go in dressed in appropriate clothing. We spent an hour on Sunday evening curling her hair with the stylers she received for Christmas and then she slept with her hair in a turban in order to keep it looking in tip top condition. On Monday morning, the rest of the costume was assembled which included a fleece blanket (it’s February, it’s cold, I don’t want her to wear a white sheet), tied in place with safety pins, broaches, cords and scarves. She’s delighted and skips off to school.

Ancient Greek Imy

The rest of the day is relatively quiet, and quiet days are good. Michelle came round to drink tea from china cups, which was lovely.

We were supposed to be getting a visit from the community Macmillan nurses, but due to illness and cover issues, it’s had to be rearranged. We’ll meet them eventually and we’ll be able to see what services we can tap into, and utilize. I’m keen to get some sort of support in place for Imy and Felix as they have a lot of things that they need to process and I am aware that I’m not the best person to be able to help them to do it. There are experts out there, (which in itself is something that is hard to comprehend), and if that helps my bairns try and process the situation that we are in, then all the better.