On the Up

Dec 12, 2013

Monday to Wednesday this week were fairly normal.

I’ve been splitting my time between work and home. I’ve lost more hair than I’ve got left now, and I’m shedding still. The bathroom seems to be where the majority can be found, much to Ross’s dismay.

On Monday we went to see Felix’s school Christmas play. He sang his songs very well, but it was odd seeing him with drawn on goatee beard and sideburns. All the children did very well. I’m looking forward to watching Imogen’s on Monday.

We had to go to the hospital for blood tests on Wednesday morning, but all went to plan, and we came home and cracked on with work.

On Thursday morning I woke up at 2am to hear voices. I went downstairs to find the tv on. I was sure it got turned off when we went to bed and it definitely wasn’t on the same channel we’d been watching. After switching it off, we went back to bed, but the pre chemo anxiety meant we couldn’t get back to sleep, so we watched tv in bed for a bit.

A few hours later, Ross got up to take the bairns to breakfast club, and I got up shortly after to tidy up ready for the cleaners coming. Then it was off to the hospital.

As always, the nurses were efficient, and I was soon hooked up to a saline drip, followed by 4 pre-med drips including antihistamine, antacid and anti sickness. Then it was the chemo, Herceptin, and a saline drip and anti-coagulant to finish. I’m so glad I have a portacath, as it’s so straight forward to administer all the drugs. The antihistamine knocked me out and I slept for most of the session. This was very different from the first session, and it seems will be how each session will be on the new regime. Ross, as always was sat next to me working away on his laptop.

We came home, and I went back to bed. When the bairns came back, Felix announced he had moved up a reading level, and Imogen did a recital of her recorder Christmas tune from memory. She now wants to learn Jingle Bells so we had a master class and she’s been practicing that. My bairns make me so proud.

It’s been quite calm today. I like calm days.