It's oh so quiet!

Dec 15, 2013

Since Thursday's chemo and herceptin treatment, it's been quite quiet.

All has gone to plan, there’s been no nasty side effects and although I’m tired, I’ve been able to get some more Christmas preparations done.

My hair was still falling out in clumps, so Ross helped me out and today we shaved it off. I look like a Star Trek character. I have to admit I did cry when I first saw it, but it’s only hair, and it’ll grow back. Ross shaved his too, so we’re a couple of baldy heads together. The support we’ve received from our friends on Facebook has been great.

The best thing to happen over the last few days is that my Wicked Step Mother, Julie, has finished her treatment for breast cancer. She’s had a full on 5 months with surgery and radiotherapy, and can now get on with her life. She has been a rock for me over the past few months as she knows exactly what I’m going through. Big hugs and much love. X

Two Baldies