No Makeup Selfies

Apr 06, 2014

It's 3am and I can't sleep.

I’ve had trippy dreams and have been sleepwalking. In an effort to try and wait until the painkillers work, I’ve been reading a few articles on the web.

I found one retweeted by The Cancer Survivors Club (@cancer_buzz) and it made me a bit cross. These selfies make me livid: Why cancer survivor JENNI MURRAY is angry with the stars who have helped raise millions by posting photos of themselves with no make-up.

The upshot is, that the author is a breast cancer survivor who thinks that the whole No makeup selfie thing is all about self promotion first, charity second, and that it in no way relates to how women who are going through breast cancer are feeling about their situation and their looks.

So what? I don’t care. I don’t care if someone took 24 pictures of themselves with no make up on before they found one that didn’t look as bad as the others. I don’t care if they had special lighting, or specially tousled hair. Did they donate to a cancer charity? That’s the bit I care about. Because that part matters to me.

Posting a picture of yourself on social media with no makeup on in no way compares with someone having no hair, looking grey from chemo. Or with someone who has had life saving surgery but been left physically altered. Does anyone really think it does? I don’t think people are that ignorant.

My friends and family have seen me at rock bottom looks wise. Not just after getting up early and being all puffy eyed from lack of sleep on a camping trip. Or hungover to high heaven. I’m talking after months of relentless chemo. Days after surgery. And they’ll see me there again before I come out the other side. Do they think the No Makeup Selfie equates to what I’ve been going through? I doubt it. They’re not stupid. But some of them have done it. Why? So they can raise awareness of Breast Cancer and do something to feel useful. Others have simply, quietly donated something. Others still, have shared a link on how to check yourself for Breast Cancer. All really useful stuff.

From my perspective, the No Makeup selfie has been a good thing. It’s raised awareness and money. I don’t see who the losers are here. It’s not me. I’ve got a great team behind me.