Mummy day

Oct 17, 2013

Well it's Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday and a Mummy day. I like Mummy days.

I’ve been keeping busy at work which has meant I haven’t really had time to dwell to much.

We’ve got a bit of a problem when it comes to setting up new Life Insurance though. We meant to get it sorted once we moved into the new house to cover the new mortgage, but because we’ve already some cover, and Ross has Death in Service cover, it wasn’t a top priority. I’m now regretting that decision. If anything happens to me, the majority of the mortgage will be paid off, but it will still mean that Ross has to work to cover the remaining mortgage. That on top of child care costs isn’t going to be easy.

Once we know one way or the other we’ll be getting it sorted.

Another thing I keep getting cross about is why the scan in June didn’t pick up that the Big Lump wasn’t normal. I need to stop dwelling on it, but I kept going back to the doctor and I feel like I’ve been fobbed off.

So, we’re just waiting to see what next Wednesday brings.