More surgery

Nov 17, 2013

The past few days have passed by in a bit of a blur.

Since my last post, there’s been a lot going on. The Chemotherapy starts on Wednesday and in preparation, I’ve had a port fitted in my chest which all drugs will be dispensed through. It’ll also be used for blood tests and will save the veins in my right arm. I can’t have any blood tests, injections, or even blood pressure taken on my left arm ever again, as I’ve had so many lymph nodes taken out, so everything would have to be done on the right arm. The port just saves it for the length of my treatment.

The procedure involved dropping the bairns off at Michelle’s at 6:30 on Friday morning (thank you), and then a trip to a hospital in North London. A few hours, a local anaesthetic, light sedation, blood tests and some extra bits being fitted to me later, we’re off to another hospital to meet the Chemotherapy team. My first Chemo treatment will be given on Wednesday, and the Herceptin will be given on Thursday. They were all very nice, the rooms look nice, and we were sent on my way with some fairly hefty steroids which I start taking taking on Tuesday.

I’ve also got to have a heart scan on Monday as the Herceptin treatment can affect it and they need to get a base line.

But, it’s not all been crazy cancer stuff. It was Ross’s parents 45th Wedding Anniversary and before things went mental we were planning on spending the weekend with them and the rest of the family. Early Saturday morning Ross asked me how I was feeling and we decided that we’d make the effort and go and visit them for the day. I’m glad we did. It was great to see everyone. The bairns played nicely with their cousins and it was good to see Ross with his two brothers. We travelled back and got home for early evening.

Sunday morning comes and I’m tired, so Ross takes the bairns to their new swimming lessons. I then have a fairly lazy day, but did go for a walk round Ivel Springs followed by a cheeky drink in the Orange Tree.

I also have a visit from Anna. She brings gifts from the Gin Club. They are such an amazing bunch of ladies who know me very well. It consisted of a blanket, socks, smellies, chocolate, fizzy wine, nail varnish and an iTunes voucher. I’m blessed and touched that they took the time to do this for me. They’ve also given me a photo album filled with photos taken at various Gin Club events. My challenge is to name and date the event. The idea is I do it when I’m having my treatment to keep me occupied. So thoughtful.

I’m back to the office tomorrow. That’s going to be odd. I haven’t been in since before Halloween. Yikes!