More Scans

Nov 07, 2013

Yesterday was quiet. I spent most if it in bed but then got up when the nurse from the hospital rang to tell me I was risking post op complications if I didn't. That worked. So I got up and pottered about.

We were supposed to be having a new washing machine delivered between 2pm and 9pm. It was getting quite desperate as Felix had wet the bed, and anyone with a family knows, it just keeps multiplying! So I rang then at about 5:30pm for an eta only to find they had no record of the delivery. It had been arranged for Monday, but as I had my operation, I had rung to reschedule. Only half that happened. They cancelled Monday but didn’t rebook. I was told they’d ring me from the distribution centre to rearrange. We didn’t expect to hear anything that evening so carried on.

On Thursday morning, I needed to go back to Harpenden for a MRI scan. We got there a bit early, so took the opportunity to ring them again and find out what was going on. I let Ross take over. I couldn’t deal with that as well. After a while of going backwards and forwards they said they needed to speak to me as I’d placed the order. They then told me the next available delivery was the 15th Nov. I’m afraid I lost it. I said something along the lines of “no, I need it sooner than that. I have breast cancer, I have a 5 year old son who is wetting the bed with worry, and I have washing mounting up. This needs to be sorted.” I might have cried a bit too. She then said she’d get back to me to which I responded “you’ll have to talk to my husband as I have an MRI Scan”. I wasn’t very kind, and feel a bit bad about it now.

A little while later, I was attached to a drip and lying face down in a very, very noisy tunnel. There was supposed to be music to take the edge off, but I couldn’t hear it for the horrid buzzing. I don’t know how long I was in there, but it seemed forever. I felt faint and dizzy when I came out so they gave me coffee and biscuits to give me a boost before they let me go.

We came home, had lunch and a quick nap, and then it was off to my Asthma review and to get my flu jab. The idea is to have me on top form healthwise with everything else for when the big things start kicking in. That all done, it was back home, and into bed.

I’ll leave Ross to update on the washing machine. I’m too tired.