Monday funday

Oct 28, 2013

Stormaggedon raged in the night and I missed it. Thats a good thing.

It’s half term, so the kids are up bright and early.

I’ve got the kids today and as Julia heads off to work, I get the kids up for breakfast and a then a healthy dose of Disney Infinity.

We head out for a walk to see what damage the storms have done, not too much in Baldock it seems. We wear wellies and jump in all the puddles :) Then it rains and we run back home.

Felix who hasn’t talked much about what’s going on asks “How old will you be when you die?”. Not sure if its just a standard five year olds question or if he’s worrying.

In the arvo we do some homework. Imogen does recorder practice and I read with Felix. Imogen had started getting annoyed and shouting at the recorder, so I have a go on the recorder and turn the tables by getting Imogen to teach me. In no time she she aces the tune!

We head into the garden I do some pruning, this involves getting the electric saw out and removing a straggly bush altogether. This gardening lark is easy. I then WD40 the squeaky doors upstairs and fix Imogens curtain rail. This diy lark is easy.

Felix offers me his piggy bank to pay for the house.

I get a call from the health insurance folk and our claim has been authorised - great news, Julia can have the best care now and be seen quickly.

I’m really pleased and quite tired after just a day of looking after the bairns!