In Remission

Jan 13, 2015

There's four magic words anyone who has been diagnosed with Cancer wants to hear.

And they are “You are in remission”. They are so much more positive and overall so much better than the ones uttered at the beginning of this journey, “I’m sorry, it’s cancer”.

Yesterday, I went to see my Oncologist, and he told me now I’ve finished my active treatment, I’m officially in remission. He told me that because of the response I’d had to chemo and Herceptin, he is pretty confident that this will be the end of my Cancer Journey, and I’m cured.

Obviously, this is brilliant. Yay!

What isn’t so brilliant, is the fact I’m still dealing with all the side effects of the treatments. The fatigue, (I know I keep going on about it, but it’s so debilitating and frustrating), the rib pain from radiotherapy, the hot flushes, and recently the hip and pelvis pain. I am finding walking to be very painful and am knocking back the painkillers just to get to school and back.

Dr Shah seems to think that this is due to the Tamoxifen interfering with my hormones and therefore interfering with my joints. He wants to do a scan to double check, but it’s still a worry.

In some joined up thinking, as well as Dr Shah’s scans, I will also be having some scans for the Plastic Surgeon so he can see what he’s got to deal with. The basic principle is that he’ll remove stomach tissue and create me two new boobs. It’s a very fiddley job, and involves grafting blood vessels together, but it’ll be worth it. Another step closer to putting me back together again, albeit, quite not all in one piece.