I'm Going Home

Feb 24, 2016

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig!

On Monday the Hospice have the Multi-Disciplinary team meeting, and it’s here that they decide what they are going do with me. After discussions with me about my pain control, the doctors and nurses decide that they are going to aim to get me home for Wednesday. This is great news!

After having such lot of food at my party, Tracey’s Magnificent Bombay Sapphire Birthday Cake was donated to the Hospice so that the in-patients could have a piece with their Monday afternoon tea, distributed by the volunteers.

Bombay Sapphire Birthday Cake

These volunteers, who give their own time up to help out, are without doubt a priceless resource, one that Letchworth and Baldock should be proud of. One evening I found myself having my water changed by one of my neighbours. Funny who you bump into - in the most unexpected of places.

After the cake had been distributed to anyone who wanted a piece (and it was decreed to be delicious by all), the rest was taken home and the kids and Grandad devoured the remainder very quickly.

That evening I had a meeting with my Oncologist who has decided to change my Hormone therapy tablets. The biopsy on my spine, had confirmed that the tumour was ER+ which meant that the Tamoxifen hadn’t been doing it’s job properly. So, I’m to switch to another hormone therapy which involves a monthly injection, and different hormone therapy tablets. The injection is called Zoladex, and has to be done monthly by a nurse at my GP’s surgery and tablets, taken daily, are called Anastrozole for those that are interested. The nuisance is, that had they taken out both ovaries in the Oophorectomy and Cystectomy I had in May, then this would be one part of therapy I wouldn’t have to worry about. But, here we are, this is what we have to deal with.

Anyway, after lots of visits from lots of lovely people, it was soon Wednesday morning and I was sent home with enough prescription drugs to fill an pharmacy and instructions that if I felt any worse, to go back if I felt any changes for the worse. Yay!

My Mam had come down to see me, and we caught up over a coffee at a local coffee shop. I think she was glad to see that I didn’t look very ill on the surface, and was in fact quite normal and like my old self, keeping on, keeping on.