Hello 2018

Jan 24, 2018

Please be kind...

We saw 2018 in at our very good friends, The Martin’s, with more good friends attending. I’m still suffering with fatigue, so it was decided that I would drive the family back from the party. Our hosts even had a bed made up incase I needed to have a nap mid-celebrations. Thankfully I didn’t need to take them up on their offer. The evening was very enjoyable, indeed, made even more enjoyable by not having to walk home, and being there five minutes after we left the party.

A few days into the New Year I had to go down to Mount Vernon for my regular full body MRI scan. I have to admit, it’s not my favourite drive, place or experience, being strapped down onto a bed, with a mask put over my head, and then slid into a long enclosed tube. I’m then left there for nearly an hour, with ear plugs and headphones playing music to try and drown out the very loud noises the machine makes…it doesn’t work.

A week later we were given the results, which were positive. My shoulder tumour has shrunk slightly, and my hip one is showing no sign of activity. There’s still no reason found for my fatigue, so I’m being referred to a couple of consultants to see if they can figure anything out. More waiting!

Medical news aside, back to family life, Imy wanted to take part in a Trampolining competition, but it took part on a mid-January Sunday morning, when Ross takes Felix to rugby. After much soul-searching and encouragement from Ross, we decided that Ross would get a lift to the rugby club, and I would drive Imy to Cambridge for the competition. This was a big thing for me as it involves driving about 25 miles. I haven’t drive more than 5 miles in a while. So when the day came, I got up early, put my Big Girl Pants on, and drove Imy to Cambridge University Sports Centre for the Eastern Region Qualifier. She had practiced very hard with her club, and after doing her routine twice in front of the judges. As she hadn’t finished in the top 3, we came home, and relaxed for the rest of the day.

The next day, she went to Trampolining club, and they told her that her overall score meant that she had qualified for the regional quarter final. She was delighted, and we were very proud.

So, I think that’s us pretty much up to date. I’m still having treatment every 3 weeks, I’m still tired, but we’re plodding on.

Keeping on, keeping on.