Happy new year!

Jan 03, 2014

Well a brief hiatus is always going to be a good sign on this blog!

Christmas has been bloody fantastic! I’ve feasted and drank with family and friends it’s been great. I went out for drinks with the Gin Club Dads (the Gin Club is the nick name for my wife’s friends, it’s a long story but basically they all had bairns (babies) at about the same time and used to have coffee mornings. One of the dad’s glibly said they just sit and drink gin and the Gin Club name stuck) it was a messy night for some reason we attacked the spirits and had all manner of evil shots. I could hardly function the next day and started to feel decidedly ropey whilst swimming with the kids.

Grandad Mickey and grandma Julie were great company over Christmas. Grandma was almost annoyed he kids didn’t wake early enough on Christmas morning! I cooked my first Christmas dinner, it was a little late as we decided to have a quick Christmas pint at The Orange Tree but that helped reduce the stress of it and it was a great feast!

On the Friday after Christmas (27th) the kids came with us for Julia’s chemo, it was good for them to see the process and see it’s not scary. It was slightly manic as it was blood tests in the morning then chemo in the afternoon.

On Saturday, I took the bairns for a long walk round Weston Hills, we took a pack lunch as 7.5km is a trek for a 5 & 7 year old. Half way round we got shot at, as we stumbled upon a pheasant shoot. We had lunch whilst we waited for the all clear whistle and watched as some birds made it and others showered us in feathers and landed with a thud. Once the whistle sounded we spoke to some of the beaters as I showed the kids the birds, Felix is up for pheasant and Imogen turned vegetarian!

On Sunday Julia was feeling well enough to meet for a Gin Club walk round Ivel Springs. It was good to see everyone and get some fresh air, afterwards, we all went to The Orange Tree to see the steam rally that was there, there were some fantastic machines steaming and chuffing away. The pub session lasted much longer than the walk and we left well oiled. The Martins and the Kings came back for some SingStar and pizza, the kids played together brilliantly and it was a late one.

On New Year’s Eve we had a few friends over for a curry, I had planned the meals whilst hungover and seemed to go over the top, chicken tikka drumsticks, chicken korma, lamb kofta curry, golden saag potatoes and cauliflower, saffron rice and homemade naans. By the time the guests arrived I was knackered but it was a good night! And all the food evaporated - a good sign. I also ended up with loads of beer which is ironic as I’m going dry for January!

New Year’s Day it was the start of Janathon (doing exercise every day in January). I took Imogen out for a 20 minute run, she did brilliantly and although the wind and rain gave her an ice cream headache we soldiered on and diverted attention from that by jumping in all the puddles! Julia had to rest up a lot for that afternoon as we were round a friends for the best beef dinner I will have in 2014. Amazing. Good food and great company as always. When Julia looked knackered and was zoning out we said our goodbyes and headed home. The kids wanted to stay longer but we have been pushing our luck with our recent excursions and we have to make sure Julia stays fit and well.

After taking Julia for her blood test we have a quiet day, the kids are tired and boy child manages to flood the downstairs loo by leaving taps on. Amazing considering a few hours before girl child got a rollicking for leaving the tap on and nearly doing the same.

We are back at the hospital now, the nurse wasn’t happy with Julia and a doctor was called. No temp but a sore throat, after checking her chest she gets the all clear for chemo. As I say we have been pushing our luck recently and Julia is on strict instructions to rest up extra this weekend!

Happy new year all!