Good News

Oct 30, 2013

Back in the office today.

I was trying to tie up some loose ends today with work as I was expecting a phone call with final confirmation from the consultant that Monday’s operation is definitely happening.

I managed to an extent, but it did mean I left work late, hit traffic, and I’m now very tired.

When the consultant rang he told me the best news. The CT scan came back clear. The Cancer is localised and there’s no more in my body between my neck and the top of my legs. The operation on Monday will establish whether there’s any Cancer in the lymph nodes and I am keeping everything crossed.

The consultant has been thinking about the best treatment plan for me and for the first time mentioned radiotherapy. The problem is, if I have to have that, I’ll not be able to have the mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time. It could be up to a year between the two. I think he was trying to gauge my reaction to this proposed course of action. To be honest, if that does happen, it’s not going to be the worst thing in the world that I’d have to face. I have priorities. These are watching Imogen and Felix grow up, and getting to an age ripe old age with Ross so we can sit and hold hands and look out to sea when we’ve both got grey hair (well, me with grey hair, Ross will still be bald).

I’ve been getting lots of lovely messages from people who I haven’t spoken to for ages. These are very much appreciated. I do try and respond to eveyone because I appreciate that people have taken the time to comment/message etc.

When I got home, dinner was on the table and the laundry had been done. My husband is amazing, and I love him very much. I’m very lucky.

Off to visit my family up North tomorrow. I’m going to get lots of hugs and every single one of them will be well received and I’m looking forward to them.