Glowing Slightly Green

Jun 07, 2014

I've finished the first week of radiotherapy. Only two weeks to go.

I’m finding the breath holding technique to be getting easier as the week’s gone on. The Radiographers, who are lovely, keep telling me to relax, but it’s not the most relaxing of environments, so it’s quite a challenge. It’s quite tiring having a two hour round trip for a 20 minute appointment everyday, but luckily, I don’t have to drive myself.

There’s been a minor spanner in the works with my surgery wound. I had been getting it drained every week and a half, but my Oncologist asked me not to have it done once I’d had my radiography planning appointment. This had been fine, and the wound seemed to have stabilised. Then on Tuesday night, it seemed to fill with fluid. I told the Radiographers on Wednesday and in the pre treatment scan, they were able to see that every day since then, it’s filled more. After discussing it with the Oncologist, it was decided that I should be drained again, as it coud affect the treatment. Luckily I was able to see the surgeon yesterday, and he drained away 50ml. Unfortunately it’s still swollen and quite sore. Meh.

As for how I’m doing “in myself”, I’m ok. I’m not 100% great, I’m quite tired, and I’m finding that I’m avoiding social situations where I’d normally be first at the bar. I think the problem comes with the stress of the anticipation. Impromptu events cause less of a problem, but I missed my really good friends Rachel’s birthday drinks, because I couldn’t face it. (Sorry Rach x). I’m going to miss Anna’s drinks tonight too. Just thinking about trying to find something to wear, getting to the bar and then chatting is making me quite tearful. I’ll just stay in, wearing my comfies, and drink a sparkling water. Sorry Anna x.

In other news this week, Imogen has been suffering with an ear infection. She’s been in quite a lot of pain. So after a dash to the GP’s on Monday she’s been taking antibiotics since. Unfortunately they haven’t worked so Ross had to take her to the out of hours GP today to get her some more and this time they’ll hopefully work! Apparently it tastes disgusting, so she’s less than impressed. Poor Lamb. :-(

It now 5 weeks until the Race For Life. The Gin Club are all upping the ante and my Facebook feed is full of posts stating how much training is going on, admittedly, some are more positive than others. It makes me smile, and very humbled and proud to be able to call them friends. Thanks to them we’ve passed our fundraising target of £500, but there’s still time if anyone has a few quid they can spare.