Mini Gin Festival

Feb 22, 2016

Great Fun, Great Friends, Great Gin!

In the run up to the Mini Gin Festival, I had a few things to do to make sure things went off well. Thankfully I could rely on Fiona to pretty much run the show, but I did want to get involved in a few things.

I wanted to sort out getting enough vintage crockery for 20 people. Luckily for me, a couple of years ago, through the magic of social media, I met a marvelous lady called Jenny, online who happens to own The Green House Community Market in Letchworth. She was having treatment for breast cancer at the time I was restoring some furniture, (which was on my Bucket List), and needed some help with the paint and method. She was a star and helped me out massively.

Anyway, the Green House is an Aladdin’s cave for retro, vintage and antique furniture and accessories, and I was able to go in with Rachel on Friday and select the crockery we wanted. We also had a mooch around a little shop to buy a few bits and bobs to go on my new book shelf, but again, it wasn’t too long before I was feeling fatigued and ready to return to the Igloo.

After another morning and afternoon of rest, it was time for me to get ready for my party. Fiona had done a fabulous job in getting things prepared. The other partygoers got into the vintage tea party spirit, and made lovely cakes, sandwiches, mini quiches and other delicious little morsels in preparation.

Cakes Tea

As we arrive, we were all lucky enough to have our photo’s taken by Simon Brooks who took some amazing shots of us, some of which can been seen on his Facebook page.

Julia & Fiona


The story of how the Mini Gin Festival started can be found here: Gin of Human Kindness. And it at this point that we must mention Katie at Hurrah For Gin as without her, the #ginforjulia thing would never have happened, and we would never have been able to put on such a fantastic Mini Festival. Katie, you rock. x

The Party was fantastic, I had such a good time, and the donations we received via the #ginforjulia hashtag on social media meant the party was a huge success. It was a shame I couldn’t have a small Gin, but I am determined that once the pain has settled and I am on fewer painkillers, I’ll be able to try a gin…or two!

Local Pinkster Gin

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the party, either helping me celebrate, or for making a donation. I appreciate it all. My birthday cake, made by Tracey was a particular hit.

Birthday Cake