Nov 14, 2013

There's been good bits and not so good bits to today.

The good bit is that our new mattress has been delivered. Greg and Rachel came round with Joni too. Greg helped Ross sort the cat flap out, so that’s all working now. Cats won’t go through it though…

Then the not so good bits…

It started when I went to the doctors to pick up a prescription. They told me it had been processed, but they couldn’t find it. So I waited for half an hour whilst they searched for it, I even went to chemist to see if it had it, but to no avail. I’m sorry to say I put on a sad face, and told them it was whispers Cancer medication. They then printed out a new prescription and got the doctor to sign it. All that and then I was required to go and actually get the drugs from the pharmacy. More waiting.

I get home, crack on with some work, and get a phone call from a hospital in North London asking me to confirm my appointment for tomorrow morning to insert a Portacath. What? Where? How?

After some frantic phone calls, which Ross deals with, as I’m unable to take in any information, things start to become clearer.

  • I’m having the Portacath inserted tomorrow.
  • On Monday I’m having a heart scan
  • On Wednesday I start my chemotherapy.

Thanks to some great family and friends we have the kids covered.

Scary times ahead though.