Dec 09, 2013

As we roll into December, we're getting more and more festive.

Ross and I have almost finished the Christmas shopping. Lists are being made in preparation for Christmas Day food shopping, and the cupboards are getting stocked with Goodies.

We’ve had confirmation that my chemo will run weekly starting next Thursday, so we’re trying to get everything done before that starts. I had a few of the Gin Club ladies round for coffee on Friday morning which was lovely. I’m not going to have a chance to do that again until all the cycles have finished in February.

On Saturday, we went to see Cinderella at the theatre in Stevenage. It was great fun, and we all enjoyed it very much. Ross nearly had a close call with an Ugly Sister, but having Felix sat beside him saved him.

In the evening it was the Gin Club Christmas dinner at The George in Baldock. Sadly, Lesley missed it as she had a stomach bug, but everyone else made it, and we had a lovely time. It wasn’t as rowdy as it’s been in the past, but it was still very nice. The food was good, and I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. I was one of the first to leave, but I still stayed out later than I thought I would and Ross was starting to get a bit worried by the time I did get in. (Sorry Ross).

I had to style my hair carefully for the evening, as it’s coming out in clumps now. I have some bald patches, but with some careful positioning and some spray wax, I think I got away with it. I googled how long it would take for my hair to fall out completely, and I didn’t really find a definitive answer, although I did find someone’s rather upsetting hair loss video diary. Everyone is different. I’m having to sleep wearing a hat in an effort to try and contain the hair that’s falling out. It’s not very comfortable, but it’s doing the job.

Over the next week or so, I’ll probably start wearing the bandanas and scarves I’ve got on standby. I’m a bit worried about that to be honest as it’ll become obvious to the world that I’m a Cancer patient. The school run is becoming a daunting prospect as are the Christmas concerts I’ve got to attend over the next week. I don’t particularly want to be gossiped about by people who don’t know me on the school playground. I’m probably being over sensitive, and no one will notice or care, especially if I utilise the trusty wooly hats I’ve got. Thank goodness it’s winter!

Sunday was a rather quiet affair for me, only venturing out to Sainsbury’s for some lunch , and then a long nap on the sofa. Ross kept the kids entertained by taking them to their swimming lessons, and also for a walk followed by a drink at the Orange Tree.

There’s still some family politics rumbling on. Ross and I are under extreme pressure at the minute and if allowances can’t be made for that, then there’s something wrong. I don’t have the energy to deal with it at the minute. My priority has to be getting through the next 10 weeks as best I can and making Christmas as normal as we can for Imogen and Felix. They are and always will be my reason for fighting.