Family Time

Apr 22, 2014

The Easter weekend has been and gone, and we've had a great time as a family.

We’ve played board games, done Easter Egg hunts, the kids have been on there bikes, we’ve been on walk, we’ve met up with friends, we’ve planted some seeds, Imogen’s moved up a swimming stage, we’ve got the kids some summer clothes, and we’ve laughed and smiled. A lot.

I’m truly lucky to gave such amazing bairns and such a brilliant husband. They encourage me to get involved with things, but don’t give me a hard time, or get grumpy if I can’t.

I’m still in a bit of pain, and had to go back to surgeon today to drain my wounds. He drained 260ml from the side which had the nodes removed. We also found out that I’ve had 19 nodes removed in total. 8 in the initial op back in November, and 11 a few weeks ago. The upshot of this is that I’m now at increased risk of infection in my left hand and arm as well as lymphoedema. Basically swelling in my arm that doesn’t go down. Which is nice.

I’m also not sleeping particularly well due to the pain, so I’m quite tired during the day. I’m glad Ross works from home as he encourages me to get up otherwise I’d be in bed all day, and that’s not going to help much!

I’ll keep on taking the painkillers for now and gear myself up for talking to the Oncologist for chemo round 2 which we expect to kick off in May.