A fairly normal day

Nov 08, 2013

Today has been a good day. And a fairly normal one. It began with cuddles in bed with the bairns. I like those.

After sorting the laundry ready so that we could get a load on as soon as the new washing machine was installed, I walked the bairns to school. It took us a bit longer than normal, as I wasn’t able to move fast, and despite leaving 5 minutes earlier we still only just made it when the bell rang. But we made it, and after quick (and hard fought from Boy Child) kisses, they were in and ready to learn!

I met up with the Gin Club at Michelle’s which was great. It’s the first time I’ve had a chance to discuss things fully with them, and it was just the tonic I needed. It was also lovely to see the two smiley babies, and the brand new Joni! In all the mental ness that has enveloped the Lawley’s in the past few weeks, it’s good to remember that life goes on around us, and others have their own battles to fight.

I left early as I was tired and came home to find the washing machine being installed. Great news. Once it was in, Ross and I had a cursory look at the instructions, loaded it up and started as we meant to go on. I then took myself off to bed as I was tired.

When I woke up it was time to got to the hairdressers. I’d decided with everything going on, I might as well get my hair cut short so it’s one less thing to worry about. Izzy, my hairdresser, was great. There were a few tears but I reiterated that this Cancer will not beat me, and it’s just a chapter in my life. And I now have new hair! It’s lush. Thanks Iz.

Of course, at school pickup time, it was tipping it down. Ross collected Imogen and I waited for Felix. As I was waited, Imogen came towards me with her classmate Norah who handed me a gift bag. I thanked her for it, I was so touched and surprised that she would want to give me something. I got home and opened it, and it was bubble bath and a card. It said she had chosen and bought it herself and that she hoped it would help me through my treatment. Tears. Fat tears. What an amazing little girl. So compassionate. I’m getting tearful just writing about it now.

On our way out of the school yard, Imogen asked if I’d like to talk to her teacher. I wasn’t sure why she hadn’t asked Ross to do this, but as she was keen, I went. I was told that I should be proud and pleased with Imogen this week. She’d been really engaged, keen and hard-working. I am proud of her. She’s taken a pretty rubbish situation and turned it to around into something positive. She’s awesome, and I’m lucky that I’m her Mummy. Something I keep reminding both her and Felix.

Once we got home and dry we just sat, watched tv and relaxed. The kids kept cuddling me, with Felix making sure he knew which was my sore arm so he could cuddle the other side so as not to hurt me.

Before long it was off to Imogen’s gymnastics with the promise of fish and chips or curry afterwards.

A good day.