Fireside Eggs & Mother's Day

Mar 06, 2016

On Saturday night, Ross and I go out. Out!

The town where we live, is a quirky old place. There are several festivals that run during the year, one of which is The Fireside Festival. It’s a Storytelling Festival, and Ross and I decide to give it a go and see George Egg: Anarchist Cook. The premise is a man who cooks a three course meal, in an hour, using items commonly found in a hotel room. It was good, it was funny, but I got Wobbly Head again. I wish I didn’t get it. Ross and Michelle both noticed that I got Wobbly Head half way through the show. Still, I persevered, and afterwards we went to The Orange Tree for a quick drink. However, after just one, I was ready to come home. I was conscious I needed to take my evening medication, so Ross walked me home, sorted my meds and then he went back out.

I have to admit, that I had a little cry. It was Saturday night, we had a babysitter, we had a legitimate reason to go out. But I just didn’t have the energy. It just didn’t seem fair.

Eventually, I took myself off to bed, and with the help of the sleeping pills, I was off to the Land of Nod, and soon enough woken up with cuddles from the bairns on Mother’s Day. They had made me some lovely hand made cards, the top one in the picture being from Imy. The the bottom right is a list of things that make me a good mum according to Felix, I’m particularly pleased with the Bedroom Tidier - I had rather hoped that they would be doing it themselves by now, but they obviously appreciate the help. The glass cat makes me smile. They know me well. Crazy Cat Lady!

Mothers Day Gift and Cards

After breakfast, (not in bed, as that would make too many crumbs and I want to spend the time with the family), I decide to go to the rugby club and catch up with the news from there. It was good to see people who I hadn’t seen for a while, and we also see the smiley faces of the kids as they came in from their training session covered in mud.

Tackle Monster

A quick sprint (as much as you can with a stick) round the supermarket, once home, I was told to go and enjoy a Mother’s Day nap. Which I did. Very much so.

Happy Mather’s Day to all you lovely Mum’s out there.