Feb 12, 2014

I would have written this post before now, but the chemo session I had on Friday has had me pretty much bed bound for 4 days.

Ross went to Dublin on Monday 2nd Feb, and at lunchtime my Dad arrived to steer the Lawley ship in his absence. He did a super job of making sure the kids, cats and I were fed and watered, the bairns got to and from school and after school groups on time, and kept the litter tray tidy. He also found time to do a few DIY jobs round the house and garden. I was chauffeured to my hospital appointments and he sat with me when I had my chemo. I wasn’t much company, as soon as they give me the Piriton, I fell asleep.

On Wednesday, Ross hopped over the Atlantic to New York for a couple of days, and late Friday I had word he was on his way home. He arrived back to us just as Dad was taking the bairns to their swimming lesson on Saturday morning. I was sad when Dad left on Saturday afternoon, but realise Julie needs him too!

I am so lucky to have two utterly dependable men in my life. Thank you Dad, thank you Ross. (And thank you Julie for letting me borrow him for a short while.)