Feb 10, 2016

It sounds all very grand and space aged doesn't it?

Super high tech stuff which will hopefully help alleviate some of my pain.

On Tuesday morning it was up and out to Mount Vernon Cancer Centre for the first of three Cyberknife treatments. The bairns were safely deposited at Fiona’s so she could take them to school.

The traffic at that time in the morning on the A1 and M25 is horrid, and people are idiots. Luckily Ross did a super job of getting us there safely.

Once there, we had a quick chat with Dr Shah, my Oncologist, who told us that it could be 3-4 weeks before the pain in my back started to subside, and he was mindful that my painkiller meds aren’t quite doing the job. He was going to speak to the Palliative nurse, Julia, who I’d seen on Monday, with the intention of having a plan of action in place to best deal with my pain, by the time I’d finished the last treatment on Thursday. All I want to be able to do is walk the kids to school in the morning. Make their tea again. Start to become a more useful member of Team Lawley!

Cyberknife Cradle

I didn’t have a great night’s sleep, so lying still, on a vacuum packed beanbag looking up at an artificial blue sky listening to music for an hour, whilst the scanner and robot do their stuff was quite appealing.

Cyberknife Ready

The treatment didn’t hurt. The robotic machine just moved around me and whirred, firing beams of radiation at me. Nothing scary, nothing nasty, it just killed off bad cancer cells accurately. All whilst I snoozed and listened to some music.

Wednesday was the same. Kids dropped off at Caroline’s, and I had the second of the third treatments. All calm, all fine. Nothing of any concern.

And as is standard, we Keep on, Keeping on.