Christmas spirit

Dec 23, 2013

Christmas is coming, we are in the quiet before the storm.

The kids are with the childminder and the relatives are incoming and I’ve got a few more hours work before I’m on hols too!

This last week has been pretty normal with its highs and lows. I finished my reactive programming course and scored 100% in all the assignments! Woot!

We saw the doctor about Julia’s chemotherapy on Wednesday and the difference between this visit and the last one was marked. He was happy with Julia’s progress and mentioned that as the tumour is shrinking so much that he thinks they should put a pin in it, to mark its location.

Thursday we nip to the hospital so they can take bloods and Friday morning it’s round two of the weekly chemo. I work away whilst Julia gets hooked up to the matrix, I look up and Julia is fast asleep, the piriton knocked her out again.

We rush back, get the bairns and then there’s a birthday party to take Imogen to. I have a standup meeting - a short video conference with the rest of the team. I have to cut it short to rush back to pick up Imogen, she had a great time! I quickly make tea and then take Imogen to gymnastics. I’m a bit stressed and grumpy all day and Julia tells me off.

Saturday, was quite quiet with no little ruggers or dance lessons for the kids. Imogen and I do a christmas shop - Tescos was rammed and it was a lesson in passive aggressive trolley wrangling. I heard one person threating violence because it was so busy and it was doing his head in - the big wuss.

With the shopping done, we head on home and that evening the Gin Club Dads come round for burittos and beer before we head off to the pub. It was a good night, not sure who ordered the snowball drinks but they were followed by various shots of liqueir. I have to sleep with one foot on the floor to stop the room spinning.

Sunday was a day of misery! We go swimming in the morning which helps clear the head. Julia was designated driver and got to see Imogen get her 200m swimming badge. I come home have a nap and then head out to collect the christmas turkey. I nap some more and become human again!

Julia with impeccible timing forwards me a dryathlon link - so I sign up: Ross’s Dryathlon Page donations welcome!

Merry Christmas all!