Sing When You're Winning

Mar 02, 2016

Once home, life starts to settle, into the new, new normal.

The day after I return home, Dad decides that it’s time for him to go back home, and I have to admit, Julie needs him more than I do now. I don’t want to be greedy, he’s spent so much time with us, and for that I will be eternally grateful!

I have more visitors cross the threshold, and I begin to start to go out and do normal things again. I watch Felix’s swimming lesson, I go to the supermarket, just normal things. Normal things are good.

On Wednesday evening, I manage to pull off the biggest coup to date. And that was to return to choir. I only managed the first half of the session as I found it difficult to keep up with the pace of things, but I enjoyed it, and I’m really glad I went. After an hour, I start to get what I call Whirly Eyes and Wobbly Head. This is where my eyes start to roll back in their sockets, or where I can’t keep my head held up. Everyone gets it at some point or another but they are more frequent for me these days. Luckily, Tash gives me a lift home, and hopefully, all things being equal, I’ll be there again next week, failing that, the week after.

I’m hoping to be well enough to sing in a couple of concerts this Spring/Summer. Fingers Crossed!