Birthdays, Races and other stuff...

Aug 07, 2016

Writing the blog this time round isn't as easy as it was when I had a primary diagnosis.

I would write a blog post when anything interesting happened. Whether it be medical or personal. I found it quite easy to just sit down and write. This time round, I’m finding it hard. I don’t know if it’s the constant fatigue or a case of Cantbearseditis, but it’s difficult. (This post has taken about 4 hours to write…ridiculous!)

So now I find myself in a position where it’s nearly two months after the last post and so much has happened.

Firstly, we had Imy’s birthday. It was quite interesting. As soon as she had opened her presents, her and Ross went to IKEA to get furniture for her bedroom that had been talked about, but we hadn’t got round to. They came home with lots of boxes and then we went to Pizza Express for dinner. A bit of a bonkers birthday if you ask me, but she was happy.

Then it was Ross’s birthday. Unfortunately it was sandwiched between an MRI the day before and Herceptin the day after, so we were rather stuck in terms of what we could do. Fortunately, his parents’s were in the country so they came over for the day to make it a bit special for him and we had a great take out curry.

Imy and Ross birthday

In between the two birthdays, we had the Race for Life. Thanks to a reconfigured RfL Gin Club team for 2016, Imy and Felix were able to run without me, much to their delight! (I had been told that I hold them back…) The week before the Race, I was contacted by the event organiser and asked if I would speak to a local newspaper about what had happened to me, and how the Race was so important to try and get more ladies to sign up. She also asked if I would go onto the stage at the event and do the same to encourage and thank the ladies involved. I even got to honk the horn to start it!

Imy and Felix raised over £1100, and as a team the total was well over £3000. Much needed money for a very good cause.

Race for Life

Due to my back being so hurty after my op, Ross took this as an opportunity to replace the car. Our car had sports suspension and I could feel every pot hole and fault in the road, (and there’s more than you know!). We were due to replace it this year anyway, so it wasn’t long before he was going round local showrooms and reading up on cars. Finally he decided upon a Mazda SUV and after signing on the dotted line, it was just a matter of time before it was delivered. I hadn’t driven our old car since January, so I took it for a slow crawl around our close before we handed it over, bye bye old car. I have yet to drive the new car, but I am looking forward to it!

Old car, new car

A few other events to mention:

  • Imy passed her grade 2 flute exam with merit. Ross and I are so proud of her for sticking in and getting on with it, despite the tough times. We are also very thankful to Heather's Mum, Shenna, for accompanying Imy on two of the pieces she had to play, and helping her along with the sight reading and aural tests.
  • I ticked an item off my bucket list by going blonde. This came about as my hairdresser needed a model (for hair not looks - just as well!) who wanted to go blonde. I'm delighted with the results. The kids thought I'd be going platinum blonde, to a colour more like Felix's, so weren't too impressed with the change. Pesky kids. :-)
  • Anna and Fiona organised a party for me at the Rugby Club. The idea was to extend the Gin's I received for #GinForJulia to the Dad's so they could enjoy it as well. We managed to get through a fair bit of it, but I had to leave early, due to reaching my limit after 2 G&T's, but feeling like I had a skinful. I'll be glad when I'm not taking the medication that affects me in this way.
  • Ross's parents offered to look after the bairns for a weekend. So, taking full advantage, we dropped them off in Newbury, and went on to Winchester. We had a lovely weekend, we walked a lot, we shopped, we chilled, we used the spa, we talked, and we missed the kids. They hardly missed us, but I was delighted to hear how well they'd behaved, how polite they were, and how generally wonderful they were. I know they can play up for Ross and I, but they're ours and we are proud of them.
  • Winchester

So, I think that’s us up to date…oh then comes radiotherapy… that’s a new post…