Its been a while

Dec 11, 2014

Hi, its been ages - 4 months and 20 something days since my last post!

So I probably should write something down, so when I look back and reflect in years to come I will have some thoughts of my own to read also.

Summer has been good, Julia’s radiotherapy came and went in a busy, busy month. Julia got very fatigued and then started to get better and then fatigued again. The gin club turned out on mass for the race for life and it was a great event, the post run drinks were also highly amusing and liver pickling.

We lost Merlin or rather Merlin lost himself somewhere, god only knows what happened to him. I looked like a local lunatic for weeks when I went walking around the neighbourhood whistling and shouting out:
“♪ ♫ ♩Here kitty, kitty, kitty! ♪ ♫ ♩ Merlin ♭♫”.

A few sightings were had but he is still awol. Maybe he really was the cancer cat and as soon as he knew Julia was ok he buggered off to help someone else. I hope where ever he is he’s happy, he brightened up a dark year for us Lawleys.

Herceptin is ongoing for Julia but only two more to go! For over a year the chemicals have been pumped into Mrs L and it’s now noticable that it’s taking longer to recover. There’s barely time to bounce back and then the three weeks are up and it’s back for some more. It seems to be more of a frustration to Julia as it’s not the crippling fatigue of Chemotherapy just a slow trudge up a big hill. Still the end is in sight!

Holiday wise, we a couple of great camping trips - one seeing the tail of hurricane Bertha trying to blow down our tents! We had a fabulous day out thanks to the Willow foundation - it really was magical. We went to Newcastle and to the races! I managed to put a bet on a horse that the jockey fell off before even starting the race! The shame they must have felt as they had to run with the horse to the start line and then only to be bucked off as soon as the gates opened. During autumn half term we went to the peak district - and walked the legs off the kids. They were brilliant and hardly complained, the weather, like the hills was fantastic. Google maps took us down some of the smallest lanes, I’ve ever seen and I was cursing under my breath when a car came up the hill meaning I had to reverse until we reached a passing point. I really showed my skills by reversing and zigzagging across the small lane. As soon as we came back from the peaks (within hours) we got a new kitten, Mundungus, he’s a cheaky chappie and causing mischief like only kittens can do.

The kids are loving sport and music. Imogen rocked the duck n dash and is getting stuck in at rugby - 5 tries in the last game! Felix is coming on leaps and bounds in rugby also, he has grown a hunger for tags and tries. Their smiles after a game, warm the coldest of days and they’ve played on some of them. Their swimming is coming on, Felix has sorted out his legs and moved up a cap after being parked for a while, it looks like progression out of this one will be quick. Imogen’s gymnastics is coming on leaps and bounds (pun intended). Julia and I resorted to blackmail to get Felix to sign up to the choir and learning ocarina - it paid off and he’s loving it. Imogen bought a flute (with her own savings!) her learning of music and skills have blown me away.

Its not all gravy though, the years events have taken their toll on me. The stress flared up my already bad stomach acid. I finally went to the doctors who give me some great tummy tablets, which has stopped it in it’s tracks - totally life changing. However, I had to endure and endoscopy, which even with the sedative wasn’t the most pleasant experience. I thought I came out quite well - I have a small hernia which helps explain the reflux. Today, I got a letter today out the blue telling me I have a condition called Barretts Oesophagus. Seems years of reflux has left its mark - that’ll teach me for not getting the doctors to sort it sooner. Apart from being a little freaked, mainly because googling it took me straight to the Macmillan website, I’m not sure what the ramifications are and time will tell, if its sinister or not - I’ll leave those things I can’t control aside until I get referred and find out more.

Nothing can stop the excitement mounting in the Lawley household! The advent calendars are emptying of chocolate at what feels like a speeded up rate. I loved last years Christmas as it was the first one in the new house and the first one at home for us Lawleys. This year I even get Julia to help! and I’m much looking forward to cementing tradition with a Christmas day pint down the Orange Tree.