Back to the Hospital

Oct 29, 2013

I slept well! Woot! I feel more normal and it's Julia's CT Scan today.

Stuff is moving, progress is happening and this makes me feel positive. Sleeping well also makes me feel positive. We drop the kids off at friends (thanks Lesley!) and dash down the A1 to the QE2. The hospital has the worst frontage of any I’ve ever seen, to be fair I’m not that experienced. Today the sun is out and it looks less depressing.

Julia is made to suffer some form of water torture; drink a litre of special stuff to help the scan out and isn’t allowed to go to the loo. She cracks on and drinks away. I watch iplayer on the ipad whilst waiting - downloads for the win!

I get nervous when Julia grabs me and we have to wait in another room - but she was just saving me from the smallest waiting room and wanting company. Once she’s given the all clear to the dye injection we head off.

Julia wasn’t as pleased as I was about the insurance. She worried we’ll have to schlep miles to the private hospital for chemo, so we decide to find out what’s what. It’s good news we can dip in and out the NHS, this feels wierd but I suppose it saves them money so its mutally beneficial. Her first operation can now be done next week - its scarily close but we’ll know what we are facing sooner and start taking steps to getting Julia healthy quicker.

I’m feeling positive and having wine too!