Appointment after appointment

Feb 01, 2014

I've seen 4 different consultants this week, at three different hospitals. I've had scans, blood tests, as well as regular chemo. And I'm tired now.

I’ve felt so much better this week than I have done of late. I’ve felt my energy slowly drain from me, so having a week off treatment has just meant I’m able to recharge my batteries that bit more. Luckily, having all my appointments in a good week meant I’m not completely wiped out.

On Wednesday, I saw my oncologist who was trying to decide what the next step will be. Either surgery or another lot of chemo. He suggested I have another scan and speak to the surgeon. I was a bit thrown by the extra chemo course and the fact that the next step was not definite.

On Wednesday afternoon, we tipped off to London, to see a Genetic Oncologist. I was tested for the BRCA Gene to see if this cancer is genetic. I’ll find out in 4-6 weeks. Fingers crossed it comes back negative, as I don’t want my Imogen or any potential granddaughters to have to go through this. It’s not very pleasant.

It was then the usual round of blood tests on Thursday returning on Friday for my chemo. After that I was scanned. The good news is the Big Lump has shrunk to about 10mm. I asked how big it was in October. 8cm. 8cm! Just let that sink in for a minute. 8cm. But it’s responded very well to the chemo, so I’m not going to dwell on it.

Armed with this information, the surgeon decided that the next step will be surgery. A radical modified mastectomy and further node clearance. The date is set for 24th March. This is 5 weeks after this phase of chemo finishes to give me a chance to recover and get back to health. It’ll also hopefully give us a chance to maybe go away for a short holiday.

I’ve been quite down this week before today, as I’ve found it difficult not knowing what is going to happen, and the realisation, I’ll be subjected to another 3 cycles of chemotherapy. But now that I have a firm date to aim for, I feel a bit happier.

Also worth noting is the amazing friends I have. I’ve been given Creme Eggs, Cakes, Brownies, meatballs, and a freezer full on dinners. So big shout out to Clair, Arwen, Heather, Lesley, Michelle and the rest of the Gin Club ladies. We are so thankful to you all for childcare help, the supportive messages, and also realising that I needed a boost. You all rock.

Ross is away with work next week, so, as I can’t be trusted on my own, my Dad is coming to stay to look after me, the bairns and the cat. Hate to tell you dad, but you’re on cat litter tray duty. I can’t, you see, risk of infection. :-)

So that’s this weeks update. Ups and downs as usual. But keeping on, keeping on.