All change

Nov 27, 2013

I'm starting to think that late appointments are just a conspiracy to make you pay more parking.


Julia had two appointments today and we had to hang round for both. In the morning they took bloods to see how she’s doing now after the weekends visit to A&E. In the afternoon they reviewed the bloods and saw that they were still good. The doctor advised that it was most likely a side effect of chemotherapy and that we should do regular check ins with the GP every to make sure we get a holistic view of Julia’s health.

That night I woke when Julia rushed out the room and was sick. It reminded me of Julia’s morning sickness but the situation is much less happy. I went and fetched the nausea tablets. Unfortunately, no sooner than they went down, Julia got to see them again :(


Julia wasn’t sick again but certainly looked green gilled in the morning. After a call to the nurse I was able to give Julia more tablets to help settle things. She was wiped out though and didn’t manage to get out of bed until it was nearly time to go to see the clinical oncologist.

The oncologist is super nice, he is happy that the chemotherapy is working but he’s not happy about its impact on Julia. He notes there has been an extreme tumor reaction and its shrunk. This may also have counted for some of the chest pains Julia is suffering from. He plans to move Julia onto a sister drug, which will mean weekly chemotherapy with hopefully a level impact. In the meantime whilst this round of chemotherapy is still in her system Julia is given steroids to help counter the fatigue.

We get home and the kids are already for bed, thanks Tom and Catherine for looking after them. Imogen is still buzzing from her assembly which she had practised during the day - Julia and I are looking forward to seeing it on Friday. I read some more of the brilliant Famous Five to everyone and then its hugs and bed. I forgot to cook early on, so I make Julia some soup and I get a take away curry. Julia’s taste buds have been changed, she struggles with the soup but the allure of curry wins and she tucks into some more food :)