A well earned hangover

Nov 10, 2013

Julia woke with her arm on fire, in the night she'd slept on it and was now awake and crying in pain.

I rub Julia’s shoulder but it seems that she’s done herself a mischief whilst asleep and pulled the stitches. It’s painkillers and bed for her this morning.

Imogen helps by coming with me to take Merlin to the vet, a jab and microchip later and he’s nearly ready to go outside. The vet reckons to give a week and praises Merlin for being a rounded cat, the needle for the chip was massive and he just gave a miaow as it happend. The vet also thinks 7 year old girls are the best thing for cats to make them domesticated. Luckily, we have one of those.

I get home and Julia is in the bath, she’s in tears because she’s reading “The Cancer Journey” its about staying postive, conquering fear and staying healthy. The prospect of chemotherapy is shit scary and Julia has been so brave for the last few weeks it briefly becomes overwhelming. I hug her and tell her I’m there every step of the way and we’ll get through it together. When things become massive and overwhelming we have to take things one day at a time. The big picture can be soo frightening its incomprehensable. The conversation crashes like a stormy sea around my head all day - advice is easy to give and hard to take it seems.

I ask Imogen to keep and eye on Mummy and give her hugs if needed and I take Felix to little ruggers. Felix loves little ruggers and I spent the time talking geek to another dad. In the afternoon, I notice the garage roof is more banjaxed than previously thought. Water is leaking into the garage and down the brick work outside. I phone and book some builders to come round and give us quotes.

In the evening it’s Adam and Heathers wedding celebration, Julia and I have been looking forward to this for ages! The baby sitter arrives and Julia and I practically skip to the pub. Its a great night, Julia enjoyed it but left early, I walked her home and then headed back. I drank a lot and probably was dismal, self-absorbed company, hopefully not too much. Adam and Heather - thank you for letting me bend your ears at the end of the night, it was good therapy and sorry for doing so at your wedding celebration (timing is not my strong point).

Sunday morning arrives all too quickly and I’ve won myself an epic hangover. It’s painkillers and bed for me this morning. Julia is determined that Felix and Imogen go to swimming, so gets up and drives them. I’m pleased she does as my two fishes both move up a level!

I’m not at my best and take the morning off and then swap with Julia for the afternoon and she goes to bed. I pump up a rugby ball and take the kids out. We pass the ball in line and do some kicks. The weather is good, sunny and fresh and the autumn leaves look especially good this year.

Its been a heck of a few weeks and all eyes are now on Tuesday, to some extent we’ll be treading water until we see the consultant.