A Long Night

Oct 30, 2013

I wake dazed and confused, Julia is crying and I hug her straight away.

The CT Scan yesterday and the operation being moved to Monday has taken its toll. This is now real and Julia is scared. What happens if the CT Scan shows something up? Her shoulder has been sore and it’s hard not to correlate the two things. I tell her we have to take things one day at a time, one step at a time and I’m with her all the way. We don’t sleep well, I dose and when I awake, I rub her back - it will be ok.

Imogen decides 6:40am is a good time to wake up and comes into the bedroom, telling me she forgot to set her alarm. She’s worried she’s slept in! I’m not too kind as I tell her to get BACK to her room. It’s ok though, she gets her own back by deciding now’s a good time to do recorder practice.

The replacement tv cabinet arrives early, we get it set up and the kids scramble about helping me hoover up the polystyrene bits so we can send a pic to mummy. It looks great. Then it’s time for Felix to get his hair cut, the last time we went to the new barbers I practically had to push him in there when he saw the barber was a lady. He’s over it and practically jumps into the seat - he knows there’s a lollypop coming post hair cut. I get my hair cut as well, a grade zero which also saw a cut throat razor. It’s hard not to gulp when one of those comes out!

Julia has had her CT Scan results all clear! F*ck yeah!

The old owners had a crate of wine delivered by accident - decisions, decisions…

The afternoon involves laundry, Jesus ironing sucks. Roll on the tumble dryer, as no t-shirt will need ironing again. Our neighbour kindly takes the kids out for a walk and I steam some creases. Rock and Roll.

Now cooking tea, drinking wine and looking forward to seeing the inlaws in Toon tomorrow.