Relinquishing Control

Jan 31, 2016

I have my own ways of doing things.

Whether that be the order the laundry goes on, where the beans are kept in the cupboard, what to buy for the Bairn’s friends birthday presents etc, or which is the best toothpaste, meal planning. I decide. It’s all worked well. Everyone knows what to expect as “if Mamma’s happy, everybody’s happy”.

Unfortunately I’m having to give up on that control bit by bit. Yesterday on the way back from Felix’s swimming lesson, Ross, my Dad and Felix were told to get a birthday present for Imy’s friend, Iris, and I had asked Ross to get me some sort of receptacle to store the things that I needed on my bedside table.
I’m not sure exactly what went on, but the outcome was a success. Asking Felix to choose something a girl a year older than him caused him some confusion, my Dad just left the shop unwilling to take any responsibility for the decisions being made, but Ross rose to the challenge and surpassed himself. He’s amazing.

Once I’d organised my bedside table with said new receptacle, I spoke to Max and he suggested I try one of the fancy candles he’d sent me in his Care Package. Unfortunately the stupid cat decided at that moment she needed to be on the windowsill exactly where the candle was. Candle tipped up, freaked out cat, wax everywhere. Me in tears, Imy in tears, but no real harm done. Imy went off to get a more substantial candle jar to put it in and with the help from some huggles and some Oramorph, things settled down again.

More Care Packages have been great fully received. They are all very different, thoughtful, and put together with love, kindness and generosity. Thank you.

Also thank you for the hugs and messages of support. I appreciate getting messages or texts (so don’t start the message off by saying, “I hope you don’t mind…”), as I can read and respond to them as and when I am ready. I’m a bit funny when it comes to actually talking on the phone though. So, if you do ring and I don’t answer, leave a message. I’m probably hiding behind a cushion what the drama is call about!