Apr 05, 2014

I'm home after 5 days in hospital.

The operation went well but as happened last time, the anaesthetic made me sick. A theme that has continued since. I’m still taking anti sickness tablets in an effort to try and eat, but coupled with painkiller induced constipation, my digestive system isn’t my best friend at the minute.

Once I came round from the operation, the rest of Monday was spent in a drug induced haze.

It’s funny, as you are supposed to rest in hospital, but I was getting woken at midnight to have my drains emptied (600ml in total for the week), then at 6:30 to have blood pressure, temp and pulse taken and to have drugs, then 7:30 for breakfast, obs taken and drugs given regularly through the day with the last one occurring at 10pm, although the last lot of drugs might come an hour later. Then you have all the extra visitors of housekeeping, catering, etc.

Tuesday was a drug induced haze too, but I got to see the physio who gave me exercises to ensure mobility returns to my arms, the consultant who wanted to check I was doing ok, and my bairns! Ross brought them to see me and I was over the moon.

On Wednesday, I had a few Gin Club visitors, but by Thursday I was starting to feel unwell again.

Visitors were cancelled on Thursday and I spent the majority of the day throwing up. It wasn’t pleasant. Luckily at that point they decided the anti sickness tablets weren’t working very well so I was given an injection which seemed to do the trick for a short time at least.

By Friday, my drains had stopped collecting large amounts of fluid, and it was decided that they could be removed. Yippee! After a quick chat with the consultant, and a bagful of drugs I was released, and got home just as the bairns were getting home from school.

Then it all went a bit odd. The bairns, who had been so good all week, turned into whinging wailing monsters! It was quite absurd. There was snot, tears and gnashing of teeth! Felix didn’t eat all of his dinner so didn’t get a pudding. End of the world. After tea, Imogen was sent to get changed for gymnastics, but put her leotard on the wrong way round. End of the world. I asked Imogen to put a hoodie on to go to gymnastics. End if the world. I asked Felix to stop asking about going on the iPad, as he wasn’t allowed. End if the world.

Ross took Imogen to gymnastics and left my dad and me with Felix. More wailing, and throwing of his stool around. Great. He stewed for a bit, and I told him he could have a cuddle if he wanted after he got his pj’s on. Five minutes later he was downstairs, in his pj’s and had cuddles. Nice cuddles. Careful cuddles. Like a new boy.

Earlier Caroline had popped round and we’d mentioned their behaviour, and she said she thought it could be a release of emotions for them. They’ve been so worried all week, and now I’m home, and everything is ok, they just let it all out. I think she’s right.

We’ve got lots of time now to get things back on track. And we will. I just need lots of rest as well.


P.s. 55378008 - put it in a calculator and turn it upsidedown. It’s the current state of affairs. The new normal. For now.